Single Review: Lost In Society - "She"

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Whenever a band tackles a cover, there’s two ways they can go about it. They can either change it up to completely reinvent it and make it their own, or they can do their best to honor the original by not changing anything other than what naturally shifts since it’s a different band performing the song. The latter is the case with Lost In Society’s version of “She,” the popular Green Day single from their monumental Dookie album. The song is immediately recognizable as the familiar bass line chugs you into the verses and the rest of the instrumentation follows suit from there. The vocals are a bit rougher around the edges than those than Billie Joe’s, but that’s mostly to be expected. The production isn’t quite as slick as what Green Day had when they were recording Dookie but that’s also the biggest factor that helps add a new flare to the song that isn’t otherwise heard on the original in that there is a natural, much more raw feel to this version. We last got a taste of Lost In Society with their 2019 single “I’m So Down,” and with “She,” the band gives us a little extra insight as to who they are as a band and where they come from. Ahead of the song’s official release, the group said it was “stoked to be paying homage to one of our favorite bands,” and that’s exactly what they’ve done here. They never mindfully tried to change the song and make it their own to the point that you don’t even recognize it as the popular Green Day song, but rather they just used their natural abilities to say thank you to the iconic band who paved the way. As the old saying goes, “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery” and Green Day should be flattered if they give this a spin!

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