Single Review: Dearheart - "Stop! In the Name of Love"

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Stop! In the Name of Love

Independent Release




During the heyday of the rock-n-roll 1960’s, Motown created its own movement with a distinctive sound like nothing else on radio at the time; The Temptations, The Miracles, The Four Tops, Martha and the Vandellas, The Supremes, etc. On their latest release, Seattle based post-emo group Dearheart tackle the bold task of covering “Stop! In the Name of Love” - the iconic, genre defining, 1965 chart-topping single from The Supremes. As we always say when listening to a cover song, there’s only two ways a band can go about it: they can stick 100% to the original, or they can completely recreate it and make it their own. Dearheart has gone the route of the latter. If you’re familiar with their 2018 album Too Late; Doesn’t Matter, “Stop! In the Name of Love” walks much more along the lines of the softer paced feel they gave us on “Flawless” and “Hurricane” rather than the driving rockers such as “Forgetting History.” The melody is so rearranged that you’ll really have to bend your ear to even pick out the original, which gives the song a totally unique feel that Dearheart can proudly call their own. The slow build of the instrumentation makes the arrangement hit stronger at the one-minute forty-five second mark when all its moving parts begins to crash into the song a bit harder and the grit of the vocals elevates the next chorus to another, more emotional level. By leaning drastically on darker tones throughout the song’s final minute, another dimensional layer is peeled back that allows the group to fully encompass the depth of the original lyric from a completely different perspective. It may seem like an easy task when you hear the final product, but to take a song and melody that’s so engrained in American music and be able to create in a such a way that we’ve never heard it before is nothing short of incredible. Dearheart has consciously made this popular song so easily fit in within the realm of their originals, that it’s extremely difficult to convince anyone that their version is not the first.

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