Single Review: Omnigone - "Nothing New"

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Nothing New

Bad Time Records




When Omnigone released their debut album No Faith in the fall of 2019, it was a breath of fresh air. Front man Adam Davis is synonymous with the ska-punk scene from his time spent in Link 80, and Omnigone felt like an extension into the modern era of the groundwork he helped lay. But as with anything, to move forward you must first look back. The recently announced split 7-inch with soul-ska group Catbite, intrigued us when it was revealed that the bands would be covering each other and offering us a few additional surprises. Catbite surprised us first with their outstanding cover of The Clash’s “White Riot,” and now Omnigone reveals their cover of Link 80’s “Nothing New” – a song that Davis and bandmate Barry Krippene certainly know a thing or two about (especially since the song dates back to Barry’s time in Blast Bandits pre Link 80). Anyone who knows the ska-punk scene is already familiar with “Nothing New,” but there are a few small differences between this new version and the classic one from The Struggle Continues. There’ll always be natural changes to a song the more that a band performs it and tries splicing new things into it as their abilities as songwriters and musicians grow. Other than those natural changes, though, the most obvious shift is that the horns are absent in this new version which gives it more of a punk rock feel than that of the original. Beyond that, this closely follows suit with the classic version of the song and is sure to tickle the old schoolers fancy, while also introducing newcomers as to why Link 80 is such an important band to the genre.

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