Single Reviews: American Hi-Fi - "Steppin' Out"

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Steppin' Out

Rude Records




“Flavor of the Weak,” “The Art of Losing,” “The Geeks Get the Girls,” “Allison,” etc. These are just a few examples of the deep catalog of hits that the guys in American Hi-Fi have given to us over their nearly 20 year-career. Their blend of alternative rock vibes with blitzes of pop-punk have given them a radio-friendly style that’s allowed their impact to be felt across the entire scene. But at this stage in their illustrious careers, fans have started to wonder what songs have made an impact on the band themselves? They set out to answer that question this year (2020) by releasing a string of cover songs that starts with “Steppin’ Out” - The Joe Jackson hit from his 1982 Night and Day album that gave him his highest charting single in America. American Hi-Fi’s take on the song is driven by their passion for it, and while their natural sound obviously leans further into catchy guitars and pop-laden rhythms than that of Jackson’s original, decisively 80’s sound, other than those natural modern feels that give a new spin to the song, American Hi-Fi holds pretty truthful to the infectious melody that made the song a radio hit. They present it with a faster touch, enough of a 80’s flare to still make it pop, a strike of guitars that adds the right amounts of fuel, and vocals from Stacy Jones that pull you into the song as they keep you bopping along. It’s always fun when a band gives us a cover song that hasn’t been done a million times before, but it becomes a real treat for their longtime fans when they pick them with purpose. By covering “Steppin’ Out,” American Hi-Fi has given us a glimpse into what’s made them who they are, and while they aren’t trying to change the world with a cover song, they can absolutely make an impact by introducing it to an entirely new generation of listeners.

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