Single Review: Static Cycle - "Power"

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“When Static Cycle released their previous singles “Boxes,” “Ringer,” and “Wolf,” they gave us an interesting hybrid of modern alternative rock that smashed together with touches of electronic elements. They then surrounded each song with exciting visuals on the accompanying music videos that helped to elevate their darker toned sound and capture the story of each individual song. However, with their latest single “Power,” they deliver what is arguably their most impactful, strongest song to date! Front man Jared Navarre leans his vocals into a brooding melody throughout the opening verse as he sings very transparently about facing abuse; “you told me I could be anything right before you hit me,” “you told me quit like I made you do this,” etc. However, they use those stark images to merely paint the picture of overcoming as the song shifts in the last line of the first verse, “welcome to your reckoning,” before an incredible drive blasts into the chorus and strikes home the redemption with lines such as, “I’m getting stronger, watch what you say,” “you won’t get away cause I’ve got the power.” As the song moves forward it continues to naturally progress with him becoming stronger and stronger in his overcoming of the abusive past as we hear through lines such as “beg and plead like you made me do this” and “look surprised don’t shut your eyes, don’t feed me lies!, as the guitar riffs hit slick and gritty at the same time to masterfully outline the power of the words and enhance them. Whenever an artist pulls a song from someplace deep down inside, whether its subject matter is something they’ve dealt with directly or not, there’s a raw honesty that immediately shines through the speakers to connect with the listener. But when that artist can also find a way to craft the perfect music accompaniment around said honesty, that’s when they deliver a song that can bring healing to the person suffering. This is the exact impact that Static Cycle has been able to accomplish on “Power.”

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