Single Review: Like Torches - "Get A Life"

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Get A Life

Victory Records




Like Torches announced their new album Loves and Losses (due out November 1, 2019) earlier this year, and then promptly gave us the first taste of it with “The Guilt of Surviving.” They earned critical acclaim with the single, but most importantly, it did the trick to ramping up the anticipation for the forthcoming album. Just under a month ahead of it’s release, they’ve now given us our second taste of what’s to come with the digital release of “Get A Life.” A simple drumbeat starts things off before giving way to guitars that slowly build alongside the vocals and weave us through the verses as lead vocalist Jonathan Karn rattles off descriptive lyrics that balance against the line of why a relationship, presumably one that is potentially on the horizon, could still maybe work in the middle of the deceit being spread: “You’re just another pretty face that I lied to again,” “you’re just another weak link in the chains of all my sins,” and “You’re just a little bit less than I hoped I would find.” The chorus drives with guitar riffs while the rhythm section hammers home the point of the lyrics as they challenge, “choose my destiny and I can get a life,” but also, “look into my eyes and you can get a life.” The lyrics are cleverly written in such a way that this can be looked at from different points of view. There’s ours, which equates that when he sings the opening line, “I’m just another lonely heart here in the lion’s den,” he may be speaking of somewhere like a bar and the conversation he’s having with someone he’s just met there. There’s also the flipside that says this could be about a breakup and is simply listing the reasons why. Either way that you look at, “Get A Life” will have you dissecting the song and talking about it which is exactly the type of buzz a band wants leading up to the release of their newest album.

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