The Scene (#11): The Spoiled Brat Is Born

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Wouldn’t you know it, Dave (rock star guy from Those Naked Guys) called me shortly after Christmas and took an interest in seeing what this punk rock band we were wanting to put together was all about. As fate would have it, Those Naked Guys had recently parted ways and Dave was looking for a new project to work with.

We were beside ourselves that Dave had called, but we still needed a guitar player. Enter my friend Crystal’s little brother Shane. He liked punk rock music and he had a guitar, so he met all our criteria; Never mind the fact that he really couldn’t play the guitar that well. We had a band!

We had no place to practice, no band name, and no earthly idea what we were doing or how to write songs, but we were stoked; especially when Dave came in and solved 2 out of 3 of those things in one fell swoop.

“We’ll just rent a spot at a storage facility to practice in. They’ll never know!” he suggested, “And for a band name, I have this drawing I made a long time ago of a spoiled, punk rock baby giving the finger – so what about The Spoiled Brat!”

And just like that a band was born. Dave even came equipped with a song called The Spoiled Brat that he was ready to teach us.

Over the next month or so, we learned to play The Ramones “Blitzkrieg Bop,” Operation Ivy’s “Unity,” and even penned a new original that we titled “Jessica’s Tits,” since myself and the drummer (Guth) literally wrote it during a conversation we were having at a Geggy Tah concert with our friend Jessica when she was complaining about her womanly parts to us.

We were on a roll, and we even got booked to play a “Battle of the Bands” gig at the local junior college thanks to a friend of a friend who worked at the campus radio station and few little white lies about how many original songs we had since the rules stated we could only play originals during the show; we were only 3 short of the 5 required?

Then one wintery afternoon while we were practicing for the upcoming gig, everything came crashing down – or should I say went up! The owner of the storage facility had thrown the metal door to our storage space wide open and was standing there waving his arms and shouting at us as he demanded, “Get the hell out of my facility and never come back. I’m going to sue you for my electric bill.”

We tossed our equipment in the car and flipped him the bird as we peeled out and drove away!

Without a practice space, and being only well-versed in three songs (2 of which were covers), what was going to happen with our gig?

As the old saying goes; the show must go on!

Stay tuned to the next article in “The Scene” for the infamous story of the only show The Spoiled Brat ever played!

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