The Scene (#15) - "Showoff, Goldfinger, California, OH MY!"

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I mentioned in the last article of “The Scene” that Showoff’s next biggest moment was just around the corner; Here we are now standing at that corner!

It was late in 1997 and as luck would have it, they’re local popularity landed them an opening spot for Goldfinger at the Fireside Bowl. Members of Goldfinger’s road team caught their entire show, so when they handed lead singer John Feldmann their demo cassette Around The Corner Fudge Is Made and told him he needed to give it a listen, he was intent on at least checking it out if nothing else.

And listen to that demo he did! Feldmann’s been quoted as saying that he listened to it during the entire plane ride back out to California. A few weeks later, after receiving a phone call from Feldmann asking if they’d like to come out to California to record some demos with him producing, one of my best friend’s was on a plane headed to the West Coast.

As the old saying goes, the rest is history. Feldmann produced a few songs with them and was very quickly securing them a record deal with Maverick Records - a division of Warner Brothers.

So that was Showoff’s story at this time, and as proud as I was of my friend I wondered, “where does that leave me now?”

Dave and I used to talk just about every day and get together to listen to music and cause trouble, but now I didn’t want to interrupt whatever was happening in California with them – they were understandably busy and needed to stay focused on recording.

Me and my best childhood friend Guth kept on going to the local shows out at the community center and mingling with the friends we made there, and we got to see some great bands. With all the local buzz about Showoff, the crowds of kids at the community center had doubled - if not tripled. The Plain White T’s had grown into the top band of that scene and earned the tag of the “next big thing.” This was still absolutely the local place to be and we were there just about every Friday night.

Little did I know it, but my biggest moment was just around the corner too! It was the very start of answering my question, “where does that leave me now?” – And it came when my phone rang, and Dave was calling to check in on the hometown local scene and bounce a grand idea at me!


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