The Scene (#16) - The First Flyer (later All Ages Zine)

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“Who’s playing out at the community center this week,” Dave asked me during our phone call.

“I don’t know….I’m guessing The Plain White T’s and a couple of others.”

“I’ll call you every week and tell you what we’re doing out here in California. Can you write it down and make a bunch of copies to hand out at the shows on Friday night, so people don’t forget about Showoff?”

And that was that! My question of “Where does that leave me now” was answered!

Dave proceeded to tell me about recording in Marina Del Rey with John Feldmann, having Charlie Paulson from Goldfinger come in and play “porno” guitar on their new song “Coalition,” and all the typical Southern California hangout type of stuff like going to beaches and walking the boardwalks.

That Friday night I arrived at the community center with a hundred flyers in hand, ready to give them out to all the friends we had made, all the bands that were playing that night, and all the new people that needed to know who Showoff was that weren’t there to experience them in person a few months ago.

“I talked to Dave from Showoff this week,” I shouted over the band tuning up to one of our friends as I pushed a flyer into his hand.

“Hey, remember Showoff?” I asked a few girls sitting with their backs to the wall. “Here’s what they’ve been up to out in California.”

When the opening band started playing their set, I took a half hour break from handing out my flyer. This was their spotlight and I didn’t want to take away from that! But as soon as they were finished…

“Hey man, love the Goldfinger shirt. John, their singer, is producing Showoff’s music out in California right now. Check it out,” I said, as I handed him a flyer.

The girls at the tables of merch were cool enough to even let me sit down with them and give one of my flyers about Showoff to anyone who came by and bought something from the table.

It only took about an hour before I had run out of all 100 flyers.

At the end of the night when me, Guth, and our group of Friday night friends were all shooting the breeze outside, kids were coming up to me and asking if they could have one of my flyers. I told them I had run out of this week’s, but if they come back to the show next week, I’d have a new one to give to them after I talked with Dave again.

And that’s exactly how it happened – Week in and week out; a new story from Dave over the phone, a new flyer written by me with the details of the conversation, and Showoff’s name in front of the local crowd without the band actually being there in person!

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